The Department of English Language Teaching would dedicate to ensure students’ overall academic prosperity by providing them with a strong foundation programme for the mastery of English Language ranging from an appropriate threshold level within their grasp to an advanced, student centered, functional language level with the ultimate objective of promoting their communicative competence and produce well qualified English Language Teaching professionals to cater to the present needs of the country.


The Department of English Language Teaching pledges to make its optimum contribution via rendering service fused with efficiency and commitment, to promote the language proficiency of students. In its endeavor, DELT, in consideration of undergraduates specializing various fields of study, would be committed to produce a coherent ESL curricular framework and contextually relevant well-structured course units. Through such sound steps, students would be spontaneously prompted to master the language skills and use the language independently for functional purposes. The ELT programmes to be conducted by DELT would produce fully fledged graduates entering into the workforce as positive contributors to the well-being of communities.