Having recognized the importance of English Language proficiency of the undergraduates, irrespective of their academic field of specialization they pursue, the University of Jaffna has initiated the ESL programme since 1974 with the intention of enhancing the communicative competence of the undergraduates in English language for their academic excellence in different fields of their studies as well as their career prospective in the job market. In order to implement the English language teaching programme, a separate unit named English Language Teaching Center (ELTC) was established in the Faculty of Arts for imparting English language skills to the undergraduates successfully and the Head of the unit is appointed by the Vice Chancellor with the approval of the council. 

The UGC has established a Standing Committee with the intention of strengthening and promoting the status of ELTUs of all universities in Sri Lanka and enhancing the quality of English language teaching programme. The Standing Committee has been conducting discussions with the Heads of ELTUs of the universities on improving quality and relevance of TESL programme. Further, substantial inputs have also been granted to ELTUs under WB-HETC Project (2011-2015) to improve the curricula of ESL programme, teaching and training of the ELT practitioners and different assessment methods. In this regard, measures such as introduction of benchmarks for English language competency level of the undergraduates and national level testing and award of certificates are remarkable.

Based on the outcomes of the discussions and recommendations made by the UGC Standing Committee for TESL, the ELTU wishes to submit the following proposal titled “Establishment of Department of English Language Teaching (DELT)”for the approval of the Faculty Board of Arts, the Senate and the Council.